Deep Swedish/Sports

A deeper version of the European classic. With slower, deeper pressure strokes, its aim is to prevent muscle soreness & fatigue and ease tired joints that result from intense exercise or over exertion. Great before or after an athletic event.
30 / 60 / 90 min  |  $50 / $75 / $105

Sheer Bliss

The Classic European massage uses warm oil and gentle manipulation to ease sore muscles, increase circulation, reduce tension, and promote overall relaxation and Bliss. Excellent for those who prefer a lighter touch.
30 / 60 / 90 min  |  $45 / $70 / $100

La Stone

Ancient roots allow this massage to warm your joints and muscles with smooth, deeply heated basalt stones and familiar Swedish strokes. Experience total relaxation and increased well being with the Original hot La Stone treatment. Wonderful for anyone with joint conditions.
60 / 90 min  |  $95 / $125


This therapy incorporates modern massage modalities tailored to your specific needs. Applying pressure to trigger points in knotted muscle tissue can reduce pain and increase range of motion in muscles and joints. Stretching and compressing muscle will stimulate energy flow and increase blood circulation to promote healthy tissue and improved function. Joint stretching routines will promote myoskeletal alignment, muscle energy and freedom of movement without discomfort. Designed for those with specific needs that call for special attention.
30 / 60 / 90 min  |  $55 / $80 / $110


A massage intent on increasing lymph circulation throughout the body will boost the immune system and promote overall well being. This is a highly relaxing massage, concentrated on calming the nervous system with subtle, light touch. Excellent for anyone with swelling/edema , post travel or post surgery.
60 / 90 min |  $80 / $110


Let the feet be a map to your body. This treatment focuses on nerve endings and reflex points that relate to your entire body. When triggered, these points can promote healing, relieve pain and increase overall relaxation of the body and mind. This treatment can be received without disrobing or use of oil and lotion.
45 min  |  $75

Golfer’s Neck, Back and Shoulder

Applying pressure and massaging knotted muscle tissue can reduce pain and increase range of motion in muscles and joints. Stretching and compressing muscles will stimulate energy flow and increase blood circulation to promote healthy tissue. Improve your form, function and golf swing with our help. Also great for anyone with neck, back and shoulder pain.

45 min  |  $70

MRT Muscle Release Technique

A unique injury therapy combining compression and extension of the muscle tissue with movement and breath to alleviate pain. Muscle Release Technique treatment frees stuck scar tissue, lengthens the muscle and helps restore muscle memory allowing healing to begin.
90 min  |  $145

Sheer Bliss With Aromatherapy

Combine our classic European massage with the magical healing of pure essential oils and experience sheer bliss. Perfect for those who need to balance the nervous system and reduce stress.
60 / 90 min  |  $75 / $105

Hot and Cold La Stone

Traditional La Stone therapy includes the use of hot and cold stones alternatively in a healing full body massage. This technique is proven to greatly boost circulation and literally melt away tight stubborn knots in the muscles. The blending of hot and cold is truly a balancing experience… one that everyone should try at least once!
60 / 90 min  |  $105 / $135

Revitalize Treatment

7 essential oils, such as peppermint and cypress are layered along the spine and the bottoms of the feet. Experience highly relaxing deep strokes down the back, pressure points in the feet and long sweeping strokes to restore body, mind and spirit.
60 / 90 min  |  $95 / $125

Cold Stone Cranial/Migraine Therapy

Combining massage, essential oils and cold marble stones placed strategically to reduce inflammation of blood vessels in the head and neck. This treatment can dramatically reduce most headache symptoms, and is very effective for pain related to sinus pressure, congestion and stiff necks. Add Neck & Shoulders for a more-complete 45-minute therapy.

30 / 45 min  |  $55 / $70

Head-to-Toe Trio

Russo Salon and Spa’s Signature Massage Treatment! Lie back and relax on a bed of hot stones, slowly melting away tension along shoulders and back. Enjoy a specialty Peppermint Aromatherapy lotion massaged into reflex points in your feet. A Deep Swedish Massage will then be tailored to meet your body’s needs with one of our custom aromatherapy blends.

90 min  |  $135


The perfect way for mother and baby to relax and rejuvenate. This nurturing massage will eliminate low back tension, reduce swollen legs and aching feet and bring some well deserved inner peace.
60 / 90 min  |  $80 / $110

TMJD Treatment

Specific muscles in the neck, shoulders and jaw are massaged and worked to help alleviate painful symptoms such as clicking and popping of the jaw, painful chewing, headaches, sinus congestion, inner ear pain and fatigue.

30 min  |  $60



Aromatherapy essential oils or body butters may be added to any treatment for an additional cost.
All massages will be customized based upon client consultation.
Massage also available in series:

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