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One of Lawrence’s specialties is CranialSacral Therapy

CranialSacral therapy is a naturalistic approach to healing trauma which happens when the individual is in a Theta state of consciousness. With the client clothed, resting on a massage table, the therapist uses gentle touch and assisted breathing to help the client achieve a state of relaxation. This allows the client to do their own healing and release emotional and mental traumatic experiences held in the physical body. The process allows stored emotions to be released, sometimes showing up as crying, laughing, sweating, shaking, etc.

The body receives similar if not better results than a typical deep-tissue massage, with no pain or discomfort.
Sometimes, it is necessary to repeat therapy, as time between therapies gives the body an opportunity to go back into “hiding” from painful memories as a natural defense.

This therapy includes an in-depth consultation as well as post-treatment follow-up and feedback.

The regular price for 60-minute therapy is $125, and 90-minute therapy is $160.

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