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NailPro magazine, September 2012 published these tips by Pam Minch

10 – Make sure to polish the free edge of the nail.

9 – Always use a base coat to prevent the nails from staining, unless performing a French manicure

8 – Use a Ridge-Filling base coat on natural nails for a smoother look.

7 – Use drying products – they really do work!

6 – Finish a French nail with a matte top coat on the nail bed and a shiny top coat on the free edge for a different result.

5 – Allow polish to dry for one to two minutes before applying the next coat.

4 – Paint a wheel of nail tips with popular colors so clients can see what the colors look like before making their selection.

3 – Gently pull back the skin on the side of the client’s nails when polishing to avoid getting lacquer on the skin.

2 – Turn regular polish into nail art using a dotting tool.

1 – Retail Top Coat to your natural-nail clients and advise that they apply it every other day to extend the life of their manicure.