Now Available at Russo Salon and Spa

VitaJuwel ViA is Gemwater-To-Go: Gems vitalize water naturally and hygienically


Gemwater by VitaJuwel neutralizes harmful substances in tap water, improves pH-value and oxygen content, raises energy balance and improves quality level, allowing your body to hydrate more fully and faster. The gems don’t come in contact with the water so don’t need to be cleaned. Though sealed in glass, the gems still vitalize the water, acting as a natural prism for the crystal’s radiant energy.  

17 beautiful gemstone blends available, following age-old crystal healing traditions.

Water is not just H2o
Scientists have discovered that water can be positively stimulated by sources of vibration and energy.

Decanters, ViA Bottles and more available through Russo Salon and Spa!